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Recover to Win


WEEK 3 JUNE 2012

It has been an incredibly busy few weeks this end with Wimbledon next week, Olympics and Paralympics around the corner, lots of amazing executives to coach and my book now almost ready to go to the printers. Whether you are an elite athlete, a CEO or just plain busy, it is really important to STOP and take time to recover so you can be all you can be and be EXTRAORDINARY. Here are a few tips this week to help you recover to win.


 1    Get a good night’s sleep to recover  
Sleep allows your body to rest, recover and renew itself in a far more effective way than any other de-stressor. If you aren’t well rested, you simply cannot perform at your best, so never compromise your sleep. It is as important as exercise and eating healthy food in the life balance equation.


2    Active and passive recovery strategies
Your recovery from stress can be achieved through many different strategies – either passive or active.  Passive strategies include meditation, naps, massage, deep breathing, reading, watching television, going to a movie, or listening to music, etc. More active strategies include walking, jogging, yoga, tai-chi, working out, dancing, stretching, Pilates, fishing and recreational sports. Any activity that concentrates your attention on a subject other than life’s problems will help rest your mind and allow your body to recover.


3    Take a break
Taking regular breaks helps to sustain full engagement. Don’t think you are losing time taking a break. You are actually getting more by being sharper, more focused and energised after a break. In the office we need time to recover between appointments, meetings and phone calls and projects too. It is just like a tennis player does between points or a golfer between shots. It is time for recovery and then preparation. Step outside into the fresh and sunlight, eat a piece of fruit, walk up a few flights of stairs, do a few stretches. Recover and get energised again.


4  Have fun
Take a day of to do what you want, have fun, relax, unwind, spend special times with your spouse, play with your kids, chill out and simply have fun!  Life is to be lived. Enjoy the journey.


5    Take a power nap
Professional athletes have been napping for years, the Spanish, Italians and Greeks for centuries and in present day China, office and factory workers routinely lie down for naps. Taking a power nap will lift your productivity and your mood, lower your stress, stimulate your brain and improve memory and learning. Tell that to the boss next time he finds you passed out at your desk!


Rest, relax, recover.

Take time out. Do what you love. Chill out, energsie yourself.  No matter what your field of endeavour, a rested mind and body ensures a better performance.

Recover to Win


Love and blessings


Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist


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