QUOTE 11 – JUNE 2014


I have been doing lots of de-cluttering lately as having lost my Dad recently, I now have a lifetime and house full of memories and treasures to sort through, not to mention all the paper work, photos, books and things one collects along the way. It is a massive job indeed knowing what to donate, what to keep, what to toss, and who to give to. I have reflected so much through this process and it really reminded me to take time to look back and reflect and acknowledge all your achievements along the way. So many times we are looking forward to achieving the next goal, the next win, the next title, the exciting new ventures but there is so much to be gained by reflecting back too and acknowledging all you have done.


Acknowledge yourself. Take time out for you, get yourself a gift and celebrate the achievements!

Success is not measured by what one brings, but rather by what one leaves.

The more we reflect on ourselves the more self-knowledge we can gain. This puts us in a better position to accomplish more, be more productive in the workplace, become a better leader, build self-confidence, better relationships and generally help us to grow.
Terry Igharoro

Top athletes often watch replays of their games. They reflect on their performance to see where they can improve, what they can learn and what they may have missed during the game.  Aim to be the best you can be. Be sure to know your weekly and daily goals so that you can reflect on your performance on a regular basis. Everyday ask yourself the questions below and take action to make improvements.


1. Have I given my very best?
2. Is there room for improvement?
3. How can I improve?
4. What did I learn from this experience?
5. Can I be more productive?


Through all my decluttering, I have felt so incredibly blessed to have had such an extraordinary man that was my Dad. Don’t forget the most important things in our life, our families, our loved ones, and our friends. Count your blessings and live with an attitude of gratitude.

Have an awesome week and thank you for you.

Love Ann

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