I have just completed a review of all that I have achieved in the past six months and even I impressed myself! From packing up home, moving country, to buying a house, a car, starting a new job, helping to set up a new facility and employing an entire team, not to mention a few personal challenges, I can reflect back now and say what an incredible time it has been. How often do you stop and take stock of all you have achieved?

Once a week, do a thorough review of all your projects in as much detail as you need to. If you do, your systems will work. If you don’t, no system will work.
David Allen

Take a step back. Review your priorities. What is most important in your life? What needs to be done right now?…..Do it!
Ann Quinn

Evaluate what you want – because what gets measured, gets produced.
James A Belasco

Make a list of all the good things you do and all the good things that happen to you. Then review the list. Often.
John Roger and Peter Mc Williams

Life is a journey, not a destination.
Reflect………Review……….Refresh……….Rejuvenate and be sure to enjoy the great journey of life.

With love

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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