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Roger Federer

WEEK 1 – JULY 2009

A tribute today to the greatest ever tennis player, Roger Federer, who made history on Sunday when he defeated Andy Roddick to claim his sixth Wimbledon crown and a record 15th Grand Slam title. I was fortunate enough to be there and what a final it was – 16-14 in the fifth set!  Roddick’s bravery, his tenacity, athleticism and some stunning tennis from a player reborn ensured that nobody could be left in any doubt that Federer now stands 
alone. The past greats, Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver, were there to bear witness, but nobody could have expected a match of such relentless, mercilessly high quality. Just as there has never been anyone like Federer, there has never been anything like this final.

“I knew what it took to win the big ones. Obviously a lot of experience that comes with it – being there and giving myself chances.”

Mentally Tough
Even at one set down and 6-2 down in the second set tiebreaker, he never stopped believing in himself.


Supremely Fit
Before that last game Roddick trudged off his chair, a towel over his shoulder, head down, while Federer did a single squat, as if preparing for another 20 or so games.

Practise, Practise, practise
“Practice is a must.  If you don’t practise, then you won’t improve. You’ll stay in the same place and the other players will catch you up. I’m determined to stay ahead of the rest.”

The final word, however, was for the woman who has shared his life for the past 10 years, – his wife Mirka. “My career has had a lot of ups and downs but Mirka has always been there. I’m unbelievably grateful to her.”

Looking forward
“There is no finish line. Far from done.”

Love Fifteen to you Rog.

You did it!


Ann Quinn,  Ph.D

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