QUOTE 12 – JUNE 2014



I am supposed to be at Wimbledon right now but had a little setback. Fell on newly laid tiles (unbeknown to me) and they collapsed and I went with them! Now a week later, I can report great progress after doing quantum healing energy and visualisation on the hour, every hour! The surgeon was amazed how beautifully my bones had knitted together. I am sure all the super foods helped a lot too. So finally London bound tomorrow, cast and all! Very excited to be returning back to my second home. That got me thinking about setbacks. They are a part of all our journeys. Everything in our life happens for a reason. It is an opportunity to learn, a gift to grow. Learn from it. When a challenge is great, that is your chance to really shine. All the struggles only serve to make us appreciate our success. If everything came easily, we wouldn’t know what it felt like to truly succeed.


Challenges are gifts. They force us to think creatively; they force us to turn to others; they demand that we change.
What do you need to change?

Attainment of aims means overcoming obstacles, setbacks and challenges. It means never giving up or giving in.


Enduring setbacks while maintaining the ability to show others the way forward is a true test of leadership.
Nitin Nohria


The real winners in life are people who have developed a strong positive ‘self-expectancy’.  They have the ability to move in the direction of the goals or images they set, or roles they want to play, and will tolerate little distraction.  In the face of discouragement, mistakes and setbacks, this inner-drive or commitment keeps them moving upward toward self-fulfillment.
Denis Waitley



Have a great week. I know I will, despite my hectic international schedule ahead and a broken wrist. Embrace your setbacks. What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

Lots of love


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