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Sochi Inspiration



Hope you are enjoying the Winter Olympics. It is the pinnacle in elite sport. All these athletes have devoted their lives to pratcising and training so they can execute their skills to perfection in the moment when it really counts. On average, athletes spend 90% of their time practising and only 10% executing. What we see on TV is just the icing on the cake. Just how much of your time is spent preparing to perform? Here are some inspirational quotes to keep you on task.
Success is in direct proportion to your commitment to excellence and love of what you do, regardless of your chosen endeavor. 
Vince Lombardi 
Win or lose, you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, being disciplined or focused too much.
John Smith

The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment.

No crowds. Empty bleachers. Lights off. No one around. That is when CHAMPIONS are made.
Dream as big as you can dream and anything is possible.
Michael Phelps


How much improvement can you make? Follow your heart and do what you love. It is the only way you can get those 10,000 hours up and become an expert and
Be Extraordinary.
love Ann

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