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Teach More Effectively

WEEK 3 – JULY 2009

Are you not a teacher? Think again. The topic this week isn’t talking to just teachers and coaches, but everyone of us. If you are the CEO, an administrator, a mother, father, whatever you do, we all teach. Here are three ways to teach more effectively. They come from one of the greatest teachers himself, Vince Lombardi.

As Vince himself said; “They call it coaching, but it is teaching. You do not just tell them it is so, but you show them the reasons why it is so and you repeat and repeat until they are convinced, until they know.”

1 Teach to the Slowest

The strategy must be crystal clear to everyone in the organisation. This means drilling it until the slowest member of the team has it down.

2 Start with WHY, not How.

People who understand why they’re working will be better motivated and more successful. It’s all about sharing the vision, on every level of the organisation.

3 Avoid Boredom

Lombardi used the force of his personality. Use any means in your grasp to keep your people from boredom. Boredom sinks as many organisations as incompetence.

Remember never to give up on what you must teach. No one ever gives up on teaching their child to walk, no matter how long it takes!

Raise the bar. Become an outstanding teacher. Touch a life forever.

Wishing you every success.



Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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