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The Eight T’s

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 2008

Jim Catheart is a highly successful speaker and writer. Here are his ‘Eight T’s every leader should know to motivate those you work with and grow your team.

Know where you want to go and why. There must be a clear goal, dream or outcome which directs one’s energies toward improvement. Until there is a clear target, our energies are dissipated and weakened through lack of focus.

Get the tools necessary to do the job well. Without the right tools, even the best artist, technician or performer would be less than they could be.

Learn how to put the tools to their highest and best use. Teach how to think about their task and how to master their craft. Talent without training doesn’t form into skill.

Take time to do it right. Sometimes training takes a while to sink in. Let them grow into the mastery they need. Provide the opportunity to test and develop new abilities while keeping risk to a minimum.

Show them the ways in which they and their performance fit into the overall scheme. The more you know, the higher you can go.

Winners always know the score. Create a situation where they know at all times whether they are on track or not. Let them keep their own scorecard too.

Give them room to grow. Trust them enough to allow them to exert initiative, and give the the room to experiment and grow.

Celebrate their victories, help them learn from their failures, and inspire them to grow. Without the support, encouragement and caring feedback, there is no will to persist.

Think of someone in your team you would like to inspire. Which elements are missing? What can you do to inspire them?

Wishing you quintessential success


Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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