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The Power of a Word


Greetings today from ‘marvellous Melbourne’ where it is a scorching 43C! I was talking to one of my dear friends from the US a few days back at the tennis and she shared with me her word for the year, which for her was ‘focus’. I thought what a great idea and a word for me immediately came to mind. It was ‘ask’ Ask and you shall receive. What could your word be? What do you need to do more of, be more of, have, enjoy, become…..? Here are a few ideas below. Choose one word just for you to help make 2009 your best year yet.

Appreciate, Aim
Believe, Become
Can, Confident
Do it! Delegate
Energise, Empower
Faith, Fun
Go, Give
Healthy, Happy
Inspire, Imagine
Joy, Journey
Kindness, Knowing
Live, Love
Manage, Meditate
No, Now
Organise, Opportunity
Prepare, Positive
Quality, Quiet
Rest, Respect
Strong, Successful
Think, True
Understand, Unique
Visualize, Values
Win, Wisdom
You, Yes
Zoom, Zealous

Choose one word NOW and make 2009 a winner.

With love and every success

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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