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The Wizard of Oz


 QUOTE 7 – APRIL 2013


A big congratulations to golfer Adam Scott on becoming the first Australian to win the US Masters after a 77 year drought. He really held his nerve and prevailed in the most intense pressure imaginable on any sporting field.  Here are some great quotes and lessons to learn from the winner himself.                             

Go for your Dreams
Back in Primary school he wrote down his goal “to be the best professional golfer in the world.” In fact he begged his parents to stay home from school when he was 7 so he could watch Greg Norman play in the final round of the Masters.

Inspired by defeat
Following his devastating loss last year at the British Open after surrendering a four shot lead with four holes to play,  many thought the loss would scar him for the rest of his career, and the demons would hound him, but Scott said he was inspired to move forward.  “The Open gave me more belief that I could win a major.”

Scott said earlier in the week
I think mentally the best thing to do is just be patient, remember it’s a long week and to just take one shot at a time.

Be there in the Moment. Don’t think about Winning.
The thing I did well this week  and what I did well today was stay where I was on that one shot.

In the Play off he did not think about breaking the Aussie jinx
I tried not to think about anything along those lines, so the thing I did really well out there was to stay in the moment.

Go with your instinct
Putting on the 18th Hole – You’ve seen the read. You know it goes a bit right to left. I just told myself to go with instinct; just put it out there and hit it. Show everyone how much you want it. This is the one.

His Dad’s Influence
Really he did an incredible job of just letting me be who I am and letting my game develop and not standing in my way at times and pushing me when I needed to be pushed. You know, he’s an amazing man and obviously he’s always there for me, the good times and the bad.

His Role Model
Greg Norman was my hero and my inspiration as a kid. He has been incredible to me and all the young golfers in Australia. He put his heart and soul into this place and part of this will be shared with him because he’s given me so much time, inspiration and belief.


Lots of great lessons from another great Australian sporting hero.

Wishing you quintessential success.



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