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What Do Leaders Actually Do ?

WEEK 2 – JUNE 2009

I have just spent the most amazing few days at a conference in San Francisco. Among many topics was that of action based frameworks and what others do. What do Leaders actually do? Here are a few tips from one of the keynote speakers, Brendon Burchard.

There is no more powerful engine driving an organization toward excellence and long range success than an attractive, worthwhile, and achievable vision of the future, widely shared.
Burt Nanus

Good leaders articulate what people really need, but only when they understand what that need is. Then the power comes from the people, not because the leader tells them what to do, but because you are describing what they want and filling a void.
Susan Barciela

Let him who would move the world, first move himself.

When work is done, His aim fulfilled, They will say, “We did it ourselves.”

Today’s solutions may well become tomorrow’s problems, and effective leaders and organizations are constantly engaged in reflection and self-evaluation.
Sara E. Melendez

Leaders we admire do not place themselves at the center; they place others there. They do not seek the attention of people; they give it to others.
James Kouzes and Barry Posner

And don’t ever forget. Lead with passion!

Wishing you quintessential success


Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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