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What Do You Love to Do?

WEEK 1 – JUNE 2006


Bonjour from the French Open.
It is a change of scenery for me this week in the lovely city of Paris. It is a pleasure to watch Martina Hingis in action again. She was formerly world number one for four years. She then retired in 2003 and now three years later has returned to the WTA Tour, already back to number 15 in the world.

Following three years of informal self analysis, she understands she needs to be very, very good at something in order to be fulfilled.

“I’m never going to be the best commentator,” she says. “I’m never going to be the best horseback rider, It’s way too late for me. I have a much better chance with tennis than anything else because I’ve studied it for 20 years. That was my education.”

What are you great at?
Have you stopped doing something you love?
Where is all your expertise and experience?

Martina is now an athlete on a mission and back in championship form.

What is your mission?
What could you get excited about?
What did you used to do that you really loved?

Do what you love and put all your love, energy and passion and creativity into making it work. And it will.
Ann Quinn

Au revoir from Paris


Ann Quinn, Ph.D
Peak Performance Specialist

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