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What is your Dream?

HI and WELCOME  to my new website and my very first BLOG Post.

I have been so lucky to have trained and coached some remarkable individuals all over the world in all different fields, from many different countries and backgrounds, but they all had one thing in common – they are all ordinary people, just like you and I. What has made them Extraordinary is simply hard work, perseverance, discipline, commitment, great determination, incredible focus, not being afraid to go for their dreams and then never giving up. Some of the young junior athletes I have worked with have had exceptional talent but they were not the ones that made it.  Talent certainly is important but it is a lot more than that.  At the top in any sport. there are several contenders for the big titles, but the winners are the ones who are really dedicated. They know what they want. They are passionate and no stone is left unturned.  And when the going gets tough, they get going and never give up.  If you put your heart and soul into something, you can achieve anything you want. And that applies no matter what field you are in.

Do you know what your dream is? Are you really sure?  If you are not quite sure, or not achieving your dream, think again.  Here are some great questions to ask yourself so grab a pen and paper and let’s start discovering your dream.

  • What are you really passionate about?
  • What do you really love to do?  Are you ready to make the sacrifices to make that happen?
  • What makes you come alive? Are you prepared to get up early every day and do some of the little extras?
  • How would you like to be spending your time?
  • Think back to times when you felt really happy.What were you doing?  Who were you with?
  • Don’ t worry about what others think. Trust yourself. Tune in within and listen to your own heart.

I promise to not make these posts too long as I really want you to read them.  I also want you to take action!   Your goal this coming week is to discover what you are really passionate about.   Face all your fears. Don’t let them stop you.  We can all achieve amazing things. Imagine you are celebrating your 80th birthday and recalling the highlights of your life, your accomplishments, successes, all the great times and things you did.  What would it look like?  Dream BIG!

When you believe the impossible, you open the way for the incredible to come true. Yvonne Teoh Bource

When you do what you love, you have so much more energy and feel inspired and ready to take on the world.  You can’t wait to jump out of bed and get going.  Then you know you are living your dream!

I look very much forward to sharing with you the exciting journey ahead and helping and inspiring you to be all you can be.

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