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Wind Back and Spring Forward

QUOTE 6 – APRIL 2013


Hope you had a wonderful Easter break and the Easter bunny was good to you! All over the world, daylight saving time is changing over or has just changed. For all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, it is time to wind back the clocks one hour next weekend. For many of you in the Northern hemisphere, you will have already sprung forward an hour. Where ever you are situated, I have two challenges for you this week related to this: Wind Back and Spring Forward. 


Wind Back – Reflect on your past achievements and acknowledge and celebrate all your great wins.  
It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgement.
Marcus Cicero

Acknowledge all the great things you do and have done. Do it daily.
Delete the negative; Accentuate the positive.
Donna Karan

Celebrate all your wins along the way – every little achievement.                                         Life is to be lived. Make it amazing and enjoy the journey to your greatness.


Spring Forward What can you do to really spring ahead in your life?
Challenge yourself to Greatness. Set BIG goals that really get you excited.

It is in our imagination that our dreams and inspirations are born. It is from here that we set our goals, develop new ideas and spring forward to our success.  
Ann Quinn

Attitude isn’t the way you think… It’s the way you live. Go ahead and… step up, play big, dream like a child, smile all the time, learn like crazy, communicate more, empower your relationships, start new ones, help someone in need … and remember… success just like failure starts and finishes in your head. So fill your head with great information daily! Success is yours! Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.
Jim Rohn


Wherever you live, whatever you do, wind back to reflect, and spring forward to your success.

Be Extraordinary.

Love and best wishes


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