Can you believe it is September already?  Hope you are still enjoying reading about the successful Olympians from Beijing. This past week has been a winning one for me too, having spent the week in Israel working with a guru on Winning, Yehuda Shinar.  Here are a few of his wonderful words of wisdom to help you with your goals to win.

A winner is someone who makes the best use of their personal potential, even when under pressure and/or in competitive situations.

Winners make mistakes; they just don’t repeat them. They achieve success from setbacks.

Continuous debriefing helps us stay on the right path.  It’s not trial and error; it’s trial and refinement.


Taking short cuts is a short cut to failure.

Winners do not do anything that might jeopardise success.

Winners give up what doesn’t work and get back to basics.

As part of creating the opportunity for desired success, winners practise and perfect so much that it ends up looking like a pure gift or talent when it in fact the result of a heck of a lot of work.

Be your best.  Life is what you make it.



Winning regards

With love from Tel Aviv

Ann Quinn,  Ph.D

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